Airline and Vacation Travel Tips

If you are traveling internationally for your vacation, it is possible to save money using some simple airline and vacation travel tips. By following a few simple rules and tips, you will never have to be bored, stressed out and hungry on your vacation.Airline and Vacation Travel Tips:One of the most common culprits that shoot up your vacation expenses is excess baggage. Always carry less than the baggage limit so that you leave place for additional items after a shopping spree. You can also buy one of those suitcases which come with LCD digital scale on the handle which shows you the weight of your baggage instantly.Take your own food on plane and pack your hand baggage smartly. Carrying your own food saves you money and a stomach upset too. Pack it up just like the airline guys pack it up so that you do not feel left out on the air plane.Carry disposable items while traveling like towels and other things that you would not want to bring back with you.Keep your hand baggage as simple as possible and comply with the airline rules. This way you will not be stressed out during hand luggage checks and no one will ask you questions and explanations.Carry a good thick paper back book on your travel and you can easily get through your flight delays.Do not order your drinks on plane. You can order a drink at the airport instead of paying a premium on the airplane.

Traveling On A Budget

Everyone wants to take a trip somewhere other than home, but for most people, it requires saving up for a long time or holding credit cards hostage to do so. Traveling entails proper preparation, research and good recommendations from people who have already taken a trip to a particular destination of your interest.Budgeting for a trip calls for extensive research before your trip. Don’t be fooled by ostentatious advertising from airlines, travel agents or companies. They won’t tell you the disadvantages of going to a certain location and you don’t want to find out the hard way.Here are some tips for traveling on a budget:1. Find out the cost of the airfare, including taxes, fees, and insurance (these can add up)2. Do some airline comparison-shopping. Ask about any customer promotions or incentives that may be coming up soon. Get specific dates.3. Try to get a travel partner to go along with you if you are single or traveling alone.4. Make sure you know a lot about the hotel you will be staying. Call the hotel and ask questions.5. See if the receptionist at the hotel can tell you of a safe place where the locals eat (those restaurants are cheaper than eating at the hotel), but you have to be very careful.6. Find out when it is not peak time at the hotel (this is the best time to get lower room rates)7. Pack a sandwich for your trip. Most domestic flights sell their food and the airport food is very expensive. If you are traveling internationally, then that is quite different.8. Purchase your tour package from the travel agent if possible (it is usually cheaper when you purchase it beforehand), but ask the travel agent to recommend the package that sells the most.9. Pack up to three bathing suits. This will prevent you from purchasing any more if you need to or when one gets wet, you will have two more.10. Get a hotel that has a microwave and refrigerator11. Go to the local grocery store and buy food that will last you at least for two or three days of your trip.12. When you eat out, take your left over back to your hotel room. You may be able to use it for dinner.13. You may not need a rental car. Book a hotel that is close to all shopping areas.14. Before you take the trip decide how much money you are willing to spend each day and try not to go over your budget.15. The hotel usually has free nightly entertainment for each guest and you are no different. However, you are expected to buy at least one drink. Do just that. Buy one drink and you might be lucky for someone else to treat you to a drink. You never know.16. Include at least one night of fine dining in your budget so you can experience new cuisine, but pick either a nice local restaurant or one that has prices that you can afford.Traveling can be so much fun when you are prepared. There are some unexpected things that can happen, but for the most part, you can have a fantastic trip when you know what you are getting for your money.

How to Be an On-Time Traveller

Have you ever travelled with a group and found that there is always someone who is late? Have you ever asked the hotel receptionist to wake you at an appointed time but he/she forgets. It is a pain! The available times for sightseeing reduces each time someone is late. The person who is late becomes the butt of jokes and generally, creates tension within the group. Being late gives a poor impression to everyone.So what can you do? There are many ways to rectify this problem. Take control of the problem and give a solution. Look for a failsafe solution!One option is to buy a good quality travel alarm. They come in various sizes, shape and features. However the main benefit that you are seeking is correct time keeping and a great alarm. Purchase a sturdy model that will continue to function even if you accidentally knock it off the bedside table. There is not much maintenance required for a travel alarm. Check the batteries from time to time and carry spares with you.Another option is your cell phone. The cell phone or mobile phone is one of the few possessions that almost every travelling person takes with them where ever they go. All you need to do is change the SIM card and you can make cheap phone calls in any place. In addition, learn to use the alarm function properly, setting it rigorously before going to bed or setting it ring at the same time each day is a great start.When traveling internationally, remember to change the time zone on your travel alarm or cell phone, otherwise it will wake you at the time at home and not your destination. Many people switch the sound down at night so that they are not interrupted when a message or email arrives. Check that the alarm sounds in all situations.Imagine not have to bother the hotel receptionist ever again for that early morning wake-up call. These days, hotels have automated wake-up systems so the receptionist does not make a call. Nevertheless one less task to do if you manage your time.Never be late again or embarrassed for sleeping in! You can also get up early to see the beautiful sunrises.Take control of your time. Use a travel alarm or your cell phone to wake you up. Use them for reminding you of appointments and other events. They are a great tool for business and travel.