Save Money While Traveling, Without Going on a Budget

You would never know from looking at me while I’m sitting in first class, reclining in a leather seat with cranberry juice, toggling my thumb on the remote to my personal DVD player that I only paid for a coach ticket. I am squirming in my seat thinking of all my extra leg room that would be completely nonexistent for anyone sitting in coach. When I get off my plane, I head straight to my hotel room. Sun slashes on my face because guess what? My room is ocean front. I lift a Ghirardelli chocolate from my pillow and pop it in my mouth because my room is also a suite. I didn’t pay for a suite, and I didn’t pay for ocean front. When it comes to travel there are always ways to get what you want and you don’t have to do much more than ask to get them.When you book your flight- loyalty is the name of the game. Pick one airline and give them all your business. They will appreciate it, and it’s easier for you. No more late nights searching cheap tickets, just call your airline when it’s convenient for you. After eight or nine tickets don’t be surprised if they say they’ve got a first class open, and would you like it? You won’t have to count frequent flier miles or credit card points because your airline will take care of that too. It always feels great to hear that you’ve worked yourself up to a free flight. Last minute seats that they need to fill will go to you, at a discount. Get the price down further by trying different dates and times. Pick your airline by the one that serves the airport you use most frequently. If you have a few to choose from always go with the best customer service and the one with the fastest check in lines. Some will have do-it-yourself check in kiosks, if you see an airline that offers that-go with it. It is ten times easier, and ten times faster.When you book your hotel- again, you want to stay with the same hotel chain. It is not unusual to have two, we all want to explore when we are traveling! International hotel rates are up by over eight percent this year so this is where you are really going to love saving. When shopping for hotels, never go with the first price you’re given. Hotel employees are taught never to let a potential guest go because of the price, especially when it’s late and not all of there rooms are filled. Ask for promotional rates, or just ask them to go lower. If your really feeling assertive tell them your price range when you call. Another angle is to ask for a suite for the price of a regular room. The loyalty comes right back to you when you get free nights every once and a while. If you are still not satisfied; talk to the manager.